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10 Beautiful Nail Designs 2016 for Beginners

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10 Beautiful Nail Designs 2016 for Beginners

Nail art is inn these days and almost every female love to apply nail art when going on parties or weddings. No doubt nail art is not so easy but it does not mean it is impossible to do. Some ladies like to apply simple designs on their nails whereas others like elaborate designs. The beauty of nails gets enhanced by means of these nails designs. Here in this article, I will share some simple but beautiful designs for your nails that will look amazing. Following designs can easily be made by anyone nail art lover.

10 Easy Nail Designs for Short Nails

1. Two-Tone Nail

It is a simple but awesome looking nail design. You just need 2 different colors nail polish for making two-tone nail art. Apply 2 coats of each of these nail color.

The Two-Tone Nail Design

2. Naked Nail

This nail design is quite simple. Apply any of your favorite nail polish in the middle of each nail in the form of a thick stripe. This design will give you a cool look.

The Naked Nail Design

3. Matt Manicure

It is a chic nail art that is liked by every female all around the globe. Matt top coating will be used for coating the whole nail. Also apply regular top coating on tips of nails same like a French manicure.

Matte Black Nail Manicure

4. Neon French

Neon French design will give a funky look to your nails. Apply neutral base on all nails. Then use different nail colors for coating the tips. Most commonly used colors are red, green, yellow, orange, and pink.

Neon French Tip Nail Designs

5. The Gradient

This nail art will need same efforts like painting the nails in a regular manner. Simply use different shades of same nail color for making this design. You will surely love your nails after adopting ‘The Gradient’.

The Gradiant Nail Design

6. Dotting

You can transform your regular nails by applying simple dots on each of your nail. A light color base along with a bright color dot will give an exciting look to your nails.

Simple Dotting Nail Design

7. Half Moon

Half moon manicure looks classy and gorgeous. This is one of my favorite nail art. Use 2 of your favorite nail colors for making this design.

Half Moon Nail Art

8. Rainbow Dots

Rainbow dots design is more common among young girls. This nail art is best for summer season. First apply a white color base on your nails. Then use rainbow color nail polishes for making little dots on tips of nails. You can use toothpick for making these dots. Young girls love to apply this nail art because it looks cool.

Rainbow Dots Nail Art

9. Line it Up

Minimum effort is required for making this nail art. White nail base along with straight lines of black color will give stunning look.

White Nails with Straight Lines

10. The Yin Yang

White and black color goes well with Yin Yang nail design. This design looks simple but gives an eye-catching look. First apply white color base and then diagonally apply black color over it.

Yin Yang Nails

This is the complete list of 10 nail designs that are easy to apply. Use any of these designs and beautify the looks of your nails.

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