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6 Habits That Are Clogging Your Pores

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6 Habits That Are Clogging Your Pores

Pores are something physically very small but have great impact on looks of our skin. Definitely, it doesn’t looks well and it makes our fresh and clean skin dirty. We all get bothered and irritated by these small tiny pores, but there are certain activities that can make them look bigger. So we should avoid such things to do.

1. Picking your pores and pimples

It is a normal habit of many people when they see pores and pimple in their faces, they start scratching it to remove. This is not really good to do. By doing this you’re actually increasing all inflammatory responses, in fact you’re inviting all the bacteria, germs and oil to come on that part of your face.

If you don’t avoid doing this you will never have a clear face, because it becomes even more difficult to remove that self-made scratch from your face. Instead of picking your pores and pimples you can use salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide spot treatment. It can work better than picking up pores.

Large Pores Oily Skin Treatment

2. Touching your face frequently throughout the day

This is very common practice in our daily routine. We touch our face too much conscious or unconsciously. But the point is that, whenever you touch your face, you’re actually transferring all the germs, bacteria, dust and all impurities of our hand on your face.

This will make your face dirtier which may lead to pores and pimples. So it’s very necessary to keep your face neat and clean and don’t touch it frequently.

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