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9 Eye Makeup Tricks to Make Your Eyes Look Good with Eyeliner

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9 Eye Makeup Tricks to Make Your Eyes Look Good with Eyeliner

Eyeliner can be used in a number of ways for making your eyes attractive. Females love to do experiments with makeup items with the intention to look prettier. First thing which you observe in any person is eyes. That is why ladies put more emphasis on their eyes for making them look perfect. For this purpose, they use eyeliner, mascara, concealer and eye shadow. Most of you might have used eyeliner in just wing shape. Though there are several possibilities of using eyeliner styles like in different designs and colors. Your entire appearance can be changed by using these ways of using eyeliner.

Best Ways To Wear Eyeliner

1. The Soft Wing

Soft wing is the most common way of using eyeliner. This style looks elegant in all sorts of functions. First of all make a wing and then feather it by using soft brush.

The Soft Wing

2. Double Winged

You have to make 2 wings, 1 at top and 1 at bottom. This will give you a classic look.

Double Winged Eyeliner

3. The Stark Two-Tone

It is an easy to make but a trendy design. Just make 2 adjacent lines by using contrasting colors.

Stark Two Tone Eyeliner

4. The Twiggy

You will love this design if you are a fan of classics. Use any of your regular eyeliner. Make a thick line and sharp wing.

The Twiggy Eyeliner Look

5. Color Fusion

You will need 2 colors for making 2 lines, 1 line above the lash line and 1 below waterline. Fuse these 2 lines at corner of eye for creating single wing. Get popping eyes by using this style.

Color Fusion Eyeliner

6. The Rainbow

Rainbow style looks so amazing. Simply make a line by using rainbow colors. Then blend them so that no blunt changes occur.

The Rainbow Eyeliner

7. The Dramatic Cat

It is a normal cat eye style that can be made by using liner. Draw a wing having downward facing on inner corner of eyes. Complete shape of eye will change and it gives you coveted graceful look.

The Dramatic Cat Eyeliner Look

8. Negative Space

This awesome look can be made by enlarging your liner out. Then curve it back. This area can be filled by using any eye shadow.

Negative Space Eyeliner

9. Two-Tone Ombre

If you don’t like rainbow look then you can try this two-tone ombre style. You will require just 2 colors for making this stunning style.

Two Tone Ombre Eyeliner

These are some of the best ways of using eyeliner. Try these styles and feel the change in yourself. Definitely you won’t regret using them.

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