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Belly Button Piercing Risks, Aftercare and Dealing Infections

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Belly Button Piercing Risks, Aftercare and Dealing Infections

Navel piercing or belly button piercing is the hottest trend nowadays among the young girls, some find it cute and are daring enough to try it out, while some are stubborn on their stance of not trying it but secretly a thought must have occurred to them to as to how it would look at them if they tried. Why this trend has hyped is because a number of celebrities flaunting them in public and most of the time it does look cute but you have to careful if you end up trying a navel piercing. This article would deal with the facts of what you should do and think after you have deciding to get your navel pierced, we would be discussing the factors such as pain to start with and the aftercare it requires.

The first thing that you need to consider is your age when you have decided to take the plunge, if you are not of a legal age you should consult your parents before going or wait until you are the right age, the second option sounds harder but it is in your best interest. The other thing that you need to consider is the type of person you are, if you are hyper active and cannot go without going to the gym or exercise then you need to think twice because after your belly button is pierced you need to take care of it and avoid from all sorts of strain for a period of time, beauty does come with little consequence, and the consequence in this case being that you have to take care of yourself until you are healed properly.

Navel Piercing Tips and Aftercare

Belly Button Piercing Risks

The most important thing before taking a decision is to know of its potential risks. The main thing to consider is that this process involves a needle piercing a part of your body and when there is a needle involved the risk of infection is always there if the needle and the instruments are not sterilized properly. The second factor is you need to dress accordingly because rubbing of the clothes against the piercing can cause infection, if you are a school student wearing a uniform or have to dress professionally you may have a difficult time caring for it as it most likely may end up causing an infection that you may have to take care of. You may need to postpone your plan to get pierced in the first place no matter how hard it may sound. The most essential thing is that you have to choose a piercer very carefully, a person who has experience in his field, because of dealt with by an inexperienced person it may end up badly, the end result being infection, which would make your belly looking odd rather than cute, so its better not to take that risk and to search for a professional for your own safety more than anything else. The other factors that you need to consider is that would it suit you, many people going for piercing are often influenced by movie stars flaunting their cute little bellies with the rings but can you do the same and would you look cute in it as they are, it is for you to decide first, because once you have gone with the decision you have to go with the same dressing sense, clothing influences the amount of risk you have of getting an infection.

Aftercare of your navel piercing

The procedure of getting pierced is simple and it may involve only you holding your breath for a few seconds and with a little pinch its done, taking care of it after it is the main deal. The first thing is to not touch it because it can get contaminated and can cause infection. You have to avoid wearing close fitted clothes until it is fully healed, and you have to take into consideration that the healing process may take from six months to two years. A few hours after getting pierced you have to clean it by salted water as it would speed up the healing process. Taking a shower would ensure that the area is clean, using an antiseptic soap would help too as it would ensure of no germ build up responsible for causing infection.

What do if you have infection or pain?

Knowing the symptoms of infection is necessary because it can cause greater damage and possible nerve damage if not dealt with on time. If you experience redness, throbbing pain in the area or itchiness then you probably have an infection. Use salt water to wash the infected area as it would help reducing the infection and consult a doctor following the advice, your piercer may have something to add to that to it and may give you instructions in the first place as to what you should do to avoid being in this situation. Once you have a ring you shouldn’t in any case try to change the ring for the first six months at least.

Time to try out new navel rings or jewellery

After that you can try out the wide variety of navel rings available in the market or the ones your idols flaunt in public but first you have to look after yourself. All you need to do once you get your belly pierced is to act responsibly and know what is best for you. You may feel you are fit enough to try different rings but wait is always worth it. All these things aside you also have to eat healthy because a healthier body heals better and faster. Once you are fully healed you can flaunt your look to the public or to yourself. When you do decide to change the ring you have to make sure that your hands are clean because the slightest of things when not dealt with properly can cause an infection, once you have taken care of all the things you have nothing to worry about and are good to go.

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