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A Day Without A Woman: Kim K. & More Support International Women’s Day


A Day Without A Woman: Kim K. & More Support International Women’s Day

8 March is the day when people joined together to support the Day without A women strike. And the strike also includes some biggest famous celebs including Kim Kardashian, Amy Schumer, Katy Perry and many more. All these celebs were standing with lots of other ladies in solidarity for other fellow females.

In January, millions and millions of women marched through several other cities across the US for women’s march and in March the whole country is standing together to support the rule of equal rights for women as International Women’s Day. This day is observed around the US as A DAY WITHOUT WOMEN. To show the value of women in all the aspects of life and workplace. The organizers of this cause tell people that how they can support the cause, as there are 3 different causes with which you can support one or all of them. The ways includes women taking a day off from work, avoid shopping and wear red outfits. The whole point of this cause is to show that women do not deserve poor wages, sexual harassment, defencelessness, discrimination and job insecurities, as explained by the official women’s March web.

Katy Perry & Hillary Clinton celebrates ‘International Women’s Day'

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Kim Kardashian, Alyssa Milano, Hillary Clinton, Katy Perry, Ryan Murphy, Marlee Matlin and few other celebs including J.K Rowling also wrote to show their support for women, on their twitter accounts. Amy Schumer wrote a powerful statement for Donald Trump as she stated that the policies he is making are definitely going to affect women but if he continued to make such rules and policies he will be affecting more than half of the US population that is women than everyone is going to lose their mind.

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