Early signs of heart attack you must know, Even if you are young

Heart attack is such a disease that is not associated with age factor. It is wrong conception that young people cannot get a heart attack. Recently a well established star Katie May who was just 34, died from stroke in February this year busying in a photo shoot.

Heart attack is dangerous for young as well as older people. Actually with growing age, the chances of getting attack increases but if you are not taking care of yourself you can get a heart attack in young age. Here are some early warning signs of getting a heart attack despite of being young.

1. Impaired, Blurred or Loss of Vision

Blurred vision is becoming common but the onset of stroke can cause the loss of vision from one eye or both sides. According a study conducted in UK mentioned that the strong symptom of stroke is blurred or loss of vision. About 44 % people who get heart attack has blurred or loss of vision.

Can blurred vision be corrected

2. Fatigue

The signs of exhaustion, disorientation, confusion and fatigue are related indicators of stroke. These signs are more common in women as related to men.

Mentally tired symptoms

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    Gerald Ballantyne July 29, 2017 at 8:41 pm

    And the other clues? come on tell the rest. I have had a heart attack and new it was coming two months before hand, this is why I hate bullshit articles like this, you don’t give all the facts. Ignorance is bliss, thousands could save themselves from heart attacks if they were given the FULL list of indicators were given, but why to do that, money must be made.

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