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Easy Home Remedies for Beautiful Hands and Feet

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Easy Home Remedies for Beautiful Hands and Feet

Feet and hands are often overlooked by majority of people. They do care for their face skin by regularly using moisturizers, but just ignore their feet and hands. It is impossible to avoid exposure to sun, pollution and dust. You might have used sunscreen for your face but what about rest body parts that are also exposed to sunlight? You should also apply sunscreen on other body parts as well. It is also advisable to apply mani-pedi to these parts. Now I am sharing some tricks and tips that will assist you in keeping your feet and hands look beautiful and attractive.

1. Raw Milk

Raw milk contains proteins that help in stimulating synthesis of melanin. Melanin is a hormone that darkens your skin. Take few tablespoons of raw milk in a small bowl and dip cotton ball in it. Now apply it on your feet and hands. Wait for 20 minutes and then rinse with water.

Raw Milk

2. Potatoes

Potatoes are full of raw effects. Natural bleaching agents are found in potatoes juice that helps in lightening up your skin. Simply apply potatoes juice on your feet and hands. Another way to use potatoes is by slicing them and then rubbing on skin.

Potatoes for Lighten Hands and Feet

3. Citrus Scrub

Take orange peel and convert it into powder form. Mix this powder with raw milk for making a paste. Now use it as mask on feet and hands. Use this method three times in a week before shower. Lemons also have bleaching properties. Simply rub lemon on skin in circular motion for scrubbing away dead epithelial cells. Acid found in lemons will assist to synthesize melanin.

Citrus Scrub for Hands and Feet

4. Almonds

A magnificent scrub can be made by almonds. Take some raw milk and soak 5-6 almonds in it over night. Blitz them with some gram flour for making a paste. Scrub this mixture onto your feet and hands till it rubs off and absorbs in. This home treatment will make your skin glowing and soft.

Homemade Almond Face Mask

5. Use Body Lotion

After applying any of the previous 4 methods, do not forget to use body lotion. Vaseline healthy white lightening visible fairness lotion is best to use for getting a whiter skin. It whitens the skin naturally with its vitamin B3, illuminating minerals and yogurt serum that penetrate your skin and make it fair over time.

Vaseline Healthy White Lightening Visible Fairness Lotion

All these 5 ways are found to be the best for caring your feet and hands. Use them on regular basis so that you can make your feet and hands fairer, soft, and beautiful hands and feet forever.

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