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Gel Nail Polish: Salon-Quality DIY Manicures at Home

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Gel Nail Polish: Salon-Quality DIY Manicures at Home

Manicures are a weakness of every female of any age group, who wouldn’t want their hands and nails to look great. In this article we would be talking about how to get salon like manicures at the comfort of your own home, Sounds exciting doesn’t it? This article would guide you through the processes of getting a manicure at home, starting with the supplies to the end product, a salon like manicure that you can be proud of that you did by yourself.

The first thing that you need to know is the terminologies that the salons use, we often hear references to gel nails and gel nail polish. Both the terms are used in the same context but we need to know the difference. Gel Nail polish is the type that we can try at home, it is applied on nails soaked by acetone and lasts up to two weeks, gel nails on the other hand are the permanent type of nails created by a combination of gels and other products mixed together, it is done by professionals and can be coated over after it is initially done without removal. It is hard to replicate and to remove so it should best be left to professionals to deal with but before starting you have to get your facts and knowledge right.

How Apply Gel Nail Polish at Home

How to do Gel Nails at Home

The first question that comes to mind is what actually is Gel Nail polish, it is like the general nail paint that you often apply at home but the difference here is that each coat is done under a UV or an LED lamp and the gel must be soaked off by acetone for at least 20 minutes. It can be done by using special wraps designed for nails. A lot of brands are well known and it often ends up on personal preferences rather than the market hype surrounding the product but the best known brands available in the market are Harmony, Gelish and CND Shellac. Most of the beauty products are often directly sold to salons but a lot of them are easily available online.

What do I need besides Gel Nail Polish

When deciding what to buy you are better off buying a kit first time to gauge how the system works rather than buying each product individually. Before selecting a kit you need to consider a few things, the most important being that are you going to use it regularly, being a fan of Manicures or are just in to buying and trying it out just for the sake of it. Once you have decided than you can be clear in your head as to what kit to buy.

SensatioNail Gel Polish Starter Kit

The basic starter kit available in the market is SensatioNail Gel Polish Starter Kit, it includes one basic shade but all the other accessories needed to try out doing at manicure at home. This kit includes nail cleanser, a gel primer, a base/top coat, one color of polish, an LED lamp, and a basic nail buffer, orange wood stick, and lint-free wipes.

Red Carpet Manicure Pro Starter Kit

The second in line is the Red Carpet Manicure Kit, Costing $79 it is in a way just in the price of two manicures at a salon. All these kits include manuals that you have to follow for perfect results. This doesn’t include the buffers or the lint sticks but it gives you the liberty of choosing the shades.

Gelish Started Kit

Gelish Started Kit is the one to look out for, it is noteworthy that the kit includes everything but the size of the gels and liquids may be smaller in volume, the coat of Gelfish in General is relatively thinner but forms an excellent bond over the nail, for this reason alone it gets rave reviews from the Home users of the product.

OPI Professional Salon Manicure Kit

OPI Professional Salon Manicure Kit is the last one that we would feature in our article, as the name suggests it is used professionally by salons and if you are a fan of Gel Nail Polish and Manicures this is a must get, the kit includes six shades, as well as a lacquer and sample removing wraps to go along with that. These things are missing in the above mentioned kits but still this kit gives you value for money and would repay you in a very short time of its usage.

The most important thing while doing a manicure at home is to follow the instructions properly because no matter how good the kit it if the instructions are not followed thoroughly it wouldn’t give the best results possible. Other than the things that you need to take care of before starting is that the nails shouldn’t be oily otherwise the gel wouldn’t bond to the nails. The basic mistake that the people make the first time is to apply thick coat, applying thick coats may mean that the polish may end up peeling prematurely. If you are having trouble applying the coat then try applying to four fingers of each hand then applying to the thumbs separately, it would make the process less tricky.

These are some of the tips to a better manicure but the most essential part is to apply the coat properly and to follow the instructions properly for the best possible result. Hope this article helps you in trying out a manicure at home and to know that the process, although a little complex is not impossible to imitate.

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