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Golden Globes Best Red Carpet Pics – Kendall Jenner, Emma Stone & More


Golden Globes Best Red Carpet Pics – Kendall Jenner, Emma Stone & More

The 2018 Golden Globes red carpet is definitely one event that will go down in history as an event that propelled a much needed change and highlighted a much pressing concern. All our favourite stars dressed up in black as a protest against the rampant sexual harassment that is practiced in Hollywood. From Allison Williams and Emma Stone to Kendall Jenner, and many more, we’ve picked out all the glamorous fashion moments from the Golden Globes red carpet for you to see.

This year, the stars decided to stun the crowds in solidarity for a splendid cause. On 8th January, the 2018 75th Golden Globe Awards kicked off with a spectacular start. Seth Meyers was the host for the night, so naturally, the celebrities in attendance were torn between tackling surprises of laughter, and wiping away tears from laughing too hard. The greatest names of Hollywood and television graced the red carpet at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California before the ceremony officially started and the awards were given out.

Blanca Blanco 75th Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet


Black was the colour of the evening, and celebrities were extremely enthusiastic about flaunting it as a sign of protest against the inequality and sexual harassment that is rampant in the film industry. Allison Williams, Kristin Cavallari, and Laura Marano were the very first to arrive on the red carpet and their gorgeous black silhouettes were right on-point with the theme. Allison allowed a tantalizing splash of orange in her gorgeous dress, but her solidarity was evident. Kendall Jenner, who was representing the Kardashian clan, graced the red carpet in a beautiful princess-like black gown.

Angelina and Maddox 75th Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet


Time’s up organized this monochromatic trend of silent protest against sexual harassment, and it is basically a remarkable initiative taken by 300 leading actresses, female agents, producers, entertainment executives, directors and writers. It was an attempt to highlight the struggle women are forced to put in while building their careers and rising up the ranks in a male-dominated and sexist workplace. It put forward the notion that this sexual harassment and male-domination must end. The movement was announced by the New York Times on 1st January, and Reese Witherspoon and Eva Longoria made an announcement that they will lead a march towards the red carpet to display their solidarity and protest silently.

Emilia Clarke 75th Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet


We saw stars organizing demonstrations, for instance the blackout of the red carpet, which was aimed at raising awareness against the culture of male domination and sexual offenders like Harvey Weinstein, Lars von Trier, Brett Ratner and others. The demonstrations also aimed to help the working class women, along with setting up a legal defense fund that has reached up to $15 million in donations. This fund will be used to help women from all income groups and social spectrums, including nurses, farm workers and janitors, so they can shield themselves against sexual aggression and the retaliations that occur after reporting harassment.

There were a few people who decided to skip out on black, but we must admit, those who wore black and those who didn’t-everyone looked spectacular on the red carpet. It is downright remarkable that the red carpet alone made history without even have to announce a single award. It fills us up with hope that the year 2018 will witness a better and reformed Hollywood that will stand for gender equality, women will be able to receive equal salaries, the fear of sexual assault will vanquish and everyone will have equal chances and opportunities to achieve the success they dream for.

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