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How to Change Hair Color at Home – 13 Simple Steps

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How to Change Hair Color at Home – 13 Simple Steps

Coloring your hairs at home is best for those females who want to look fashionable but within less budget rather than going to the expensive beauty parlors for coloring their hairs. There are several hair dyes available in market in different shades. Some will be shared with you in this article that will help you in coloring your hair without facing any disasters.

How to Change Hair Color at Home

How to color your hair at home

Here is the 13 simple steps that will teach you to change your hair color at home. You just need to follow these given steps to change hair color at home.

1- Select semi-permanent product of hair dye if you are coloring your hair for first time as it can set in just 48 hours. After that, twice wash hair with dandruff or clarifying shampoo.

2- Carefully read instructions that are given on back side of product’s box. Follow all preventive statements.

3- Get all the needed material.

4- It is necessary to do patch test by applying small amount of hair dye product on some strands of hair.

5- Always apply shield on your forehead, scalp, nape, around hairline and ears. You can use cleansing cream or Vaseline.

6- Wear gloves at all times.

7- Cover your shoulders with a dark-colored and old towel.

8- A stopwatch can be used for avoiding the over processing of your hair.

9- You must be very careful at the time of re-coloring hair roots so as to avoid wrecking them. Hair roots can be protected by rubbing the conditioner on them. Softly massage hair dye on conditioned hair roots by using finger tips before washing them.

10- At least give 24 hours to the hair dye for complete settling in your hair before washing them.

11- Spread cleansing cream or lotion on color marks on skin. After that, clean them by using cotton balls. You can use a lotion containing alcohol for removing tough stains.

12- Thoroughly wash your hair.

13- In the end, apply conditioner that is usually provided with hair dyeing product.

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