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How to Ombre Lips – Red Ombre Lips Tutorial

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How to Ombre Lips – Red Ombre Lips Tutorial

In last few years, ombre has occupied a leading position in beauty field. First we hear about ombre hair, then ombre nails and presently ombre lips. Nowadays, ombre lips are inn and females love to have them on special occasions. Previously it was believed that just the makeup artists can make ombre lips but it is not true as anyone of you can easily get this look.

Now I am sharing some simple steps that will help you get red ombre lips. You will require 2 pink color shades from the Pure Matt Collection of Color Studio. These 2 shades are Dessert Rose (116) and La Rouge (104).

How to do ombre lips

Red Ombre Lips Tutorial

Step 1

Begin with well moisturized bare lips. It is advisable to use light exfoliator or toothbrush for scrubbing away your dead skin in order to evade clumpy and cracked lipstick. Then apply some chapstick. Now your lips are ready to use.

Red Ombre Lips Tutorial Step-1

Step 2

Select any 2 matching shades: light and dark. First apply darker shade for lining your lips from outside in, stop just before the bow of your cupid. Corners of lips must also be filled. This will accentuate your glower for the fuller-looking lips.

Step 3

Now fill center of lips by applying lighter shade.

Red Ombre Lips Step by Step

Step 4

Now use your finger for blending together 2 shades. Blend inward to get best results. Begin at corners of lips and then center. This step will dispose of all harsh lines and provide seamless finishing.

Step 5

This is your final look. Some gloss can be added for getting more stunning look. This look will surely impress everybody you met with.

All these 5 steps are simple to adopt. Now you don’t need to visit any makeup artist for having ombre lips. Just follow the above mentioned steps and enjoy your new look.

Get Ombre Lips in 5 Steps

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