Malia Obama Wears Nothing But A Shirt To Work — Where Are Her Pants? Pics

In sunny weather to be casual is normal but be casual to such extent that you wear no pant may be a new trend. Malia Obama was observed without pant when she arrived at The Weinstein Company on a beautiful sunny day in New York City.

Malia Obama has always been stylish and fashionable but on her internship she wore just a shirt without pant. As in this spring season she became super casual by wearing a blue collared shirt, it was half sleeves shirt with no pant. She had an ever present backpack and water bottle and mobile in her hand. Hair style was simple with half pony and hair catch from front side. There were blue and white laces flat shoes clearly depicting that she is welcoming spring season.

Malia Obama Wears Nothing But A Shirt To Work

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There may be reason of Malia’s dressing that she has been bored of wearing coats and warm clothes during winter season and celebrating the spring season in such way. May be this 18 year old may wanted to show of her long and thin legs by wearing nothing no jeans, no tides, no legging nothing.

Malia Obama Wears Nothing But A Shirt To Work


Be careful Malia in sitting and bending with such dressing because you can easily flash some underwear with no pant. Shirt is just covering the top of her thighs and with a good blow of air the outfit may show a wardrobe malfunction. What do you think about Malia’s outfit? Is it cute or she should wear pant or leggings? Anyhow Malia was looking quite confident with her dressing.

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    KayrndeLea Brummett Mahair May 13, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    Many young people show a lot more in their dress. Nothing wrong with this as long as her spervisor is ok with it.

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