What Your Favorite Flower Says About Your Personality

We all have our own favorite flowers that brighten up our day and give us a dose of positivity. Well, research reveals that the flowers we like above all connect with our personalities, and they can tell us a great deal about our life preferences.

Here, take a look at yours:

1. Tulip lovers are brimming with optimism

If you just can’t seem to get enough of tulips, chances are, you’re brimming with positivity, always surrounded by friends who adore your sunny vibes and, you have an extremely laid back and relaxed personality. You see, tulips are flowers that bloom even on the bluest and chilliest of winter days, and that’s exactly how you are. Like Tulips, you don’t need the sun to brighten up your day, in fact, you take your own sunshine everywhere you go.

Tulip fans are easy to please

2. Peony fans enjoy every moment

Peony is one of the most loved flowers, but sadly, it has very little time to enjoy its bloom. It’s incredibly sweet and voluptuous, and peony lovers, much like the flower, tend to appreciate the value of time, and live in the moment. They value what they have in the present, live without regrets and accept the fact that like life itself, all good things can come to an end. And that’s why they choose to enjoy it in luxury, happiness and adventure.

Peony lovers live in the moment

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